Running for Peace and Harmony – Reflections and the Future (Part 4)

Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run – Europe 2016

The journey begins again …

European route

After 2011 due to work and race commitments my involvement in the Peace Run had subsided.  Then whilst in New York in August 2014 the Director of the European Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run asked me whether I would be able to do the whole European route in 2016.  It was a coincidence or destiny as just 30 minutes prior I had been thinking of Sri Chinmoy and the need to participate in an extended time on the Peace Run.   Where there’s a will there’s a way they say.  Every time I have needed to go on the Run things just fall into place and my employer (a civil service department) has once again granted me unpaid leave, and I’m eternally grateful as always.


This year the European leg begins on 24th February in Porto and finishes on 8th October in Rome.  In a world that is ever more connected and yet at the same time people feeling disconnected, this  year gives me the opportunity to reconnect with my spirituality, with so many people and myself.  It will also enable me to return to the joys of running for peace and harmony that feeds my soul.


The simple act of running to promote peace and harmony is a way of making a difference by touching the lives of so many people and taking their hopes for a more peaceful and harmonious world to the next town/village, the next city, the next country and the whole world. Many drops of water make an ocean.


I fly out to Porto, Portugal on 23rd February and over the last 18 months of thinking and planning about the Peace Run it is finally reaching the time for me to leave my ‘normal’ life and embark on a great adventure. A few months ago I suppose I was getting cold feet, and had the usual doubts and fears on whether I was making the right decision to be on the Peace Run for such an extended time.  But, when I compared my experiences on previous adventures and thinking about it sat in front of a computer at work writing another report, then it is a no brainer. Life is about seizing wondrous opportunities and living a life with no regrets. I’m definitely going to remember events and experiences that happen on the Run that will remain with me forever. I couldn’t tell you what I did in the office last week, so that tells you something.

I am very fortunate to have a spiritual Guru of Sri Chinmoy, and often I take it for granted. My Indian friend always comments that people would travel across oceans to have what you have in the form of your Guru, you are so, so lucky! Being on the Peace Run for such a long time will enable me to fully immerse and reconnect myself more in Guru’s light.

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And it is fitting that I should leave you with these words of Sri Chinmoy.

“Today’s chaotic world cannot remain chaotic. World harmony, world peace: these are not mere dictionary words. These are realities, divine realities and supreme realities. For all of us who are aspiring to become good citizens of the world, our World Harmony Run is a supremely important aspiration to all of us.

True, our physical bodies have not been and will not cover the length and breadth of the world. But the spirit that we have  deep within, and the spirit that we truly are, has covered the length and breadth of the world many, many times”. – Sri Chinmoy


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