Running for Peace and Harmony – Reflections and the Future (Part 2)

World Harmony Run USA 2010



In 2010[1] I had the wonderful experience of being part of the international team in USA and one of only few runners to complete the whole US route by running through every mainland US state.  As in Europe the format is the same but you tend to be running longer distances (average weekly miles of 120 – 150 miles) and it feels more of a pioneering spirit.



Running through America tends to be a slightly different experience. The scenery and landscape of America is a sight to behold and so varied. Once you get out into the Midwest the horizon is endless and the sky so big and the roads so long as they disappear into the distance.  The beauty of nature tends to provide inspiration and energy for you to run long distances.


As always I met some amazing people and what you get from American people is their enthusiasm and openness, and that ‘can do’ spirit which is so refreshing.



As if it was destined, that year the US World Harmony Run returned to New York on my birthday of 17th August.  On 23rd August the Team officially finished our 10,000 mile, four month, 50 state relay at Dag Hammerskjold Plaza in Manhattan, New York with a closing ceremony. [2]

Closing ceremony

The photos and videos speak for themselves. This Run was a more heart opening experience for me than ever before. There were more times when you were running all alone and nothing but the sun on your back, the gentle breeze and the sound of your feet pounding the road. More so than ever before I appreciated the simplicity of life on the road and how the simple act of running with a flaming torch can touch so many peoples’ loves. The outpouring of love, enthusiasm and kindness of all the people I met was joyous. As always the children made an instant connection with the Peace Torch. Children tend to be all heart and love.


As Sri Chinmoy commented in June 2007:

For children, we have the World Harmony Run. They hold the torch, and then they run, run, run, carrying the message of harmony. Now we do not have nay harmony. Throughout the whole world harmony is absent. The world is totally empty of harmony. The World Harmony Run has covered more than 76 countries. Little children run mile after mile and they get spontaneous joy. This joy we have lost because we have misused it, and we have done many things wrong. But children have done nothing wrong, so they have kept their joy. They get spontaneous joy, and they run and enter into their heart-garden, going from one flower to another. This world of ours needs harmony, harmony, harmony. Children are the most suitable to bring about harmony because for them it is something new and fresh. Children take each morning as a new dream.



[1] See for the route through USA.

[2] See the full story and more photos

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